A yes vote will likely put ‘green fairies’ out of a job, and that’s OK

When medically prescribed cannabinoids are inaccessible or ineffective, ‘green fairies’ step in to help. Those in chronic pain deserve better than an ad hoc, black market system.

Shared via The Spinoff.

“Green fairies” are dealers who provide cannabis products to those who want to access them for health purposes. As well as cancer sufferers, these include people with chronic fatigue, chronic pain and epilepsy.

People with cancer might use cannabis for many reasons, including to relieve pain, to help with the anxieties a cancer diagnosis can provoke, to help deal with adverse effects of chemotherapy or other treatments, and, for some, the (scientifically unfounded) hope that it may extend life and combat the cancer itself.

There are two main routes people can take to access cannabis products for health purposes. One is to have a cannabis product prescribed by a medical doctor. Many New Zealanders do this; the main brand names in this country are Tilray and Sativex. But to use such products requires getting a medical practitioner (many of whom are still dubious about cannabis) to prescribe them in the first place, and then finding the necessary funds to pay for them – because they do not come cheap.

The other route is to somehow find a person who will supply the cannabis from the black market; ideally, the person will know something about the ways cannabis can be used for health-enhancing purposes. People like this are known as green fairies.

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