Thanks everyone who supported our PledgeMe appeal

As election day 2020 edges closer, we are faced with some big questions. The black and white one that will be put to voters is whether we will opt for Yes or No in the referendum. Another big question looms over the referendum: what sort of country do we want? A forward looking one, or one stuck in an outmoded past?

We launched Vote Yes On Our Terms to show there is a better way to do drug law. The NZ Drug Foundation is committed to shifting New Zealand’s response to drug issues. For us, an approach based on health and compassion is where we need to move.

Because of generous individuals and organisations that share our vision of a public health approach to cannabis, we are well underway getting the message out.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our work. This includes the 685 donors who contributed to our recent PledgeMe appeal. We raised $153,312.

The donations mean we can continue to keep sharing ourpositive messages. We’ve got ads booked, flyers on hand to distribute and plenty of suggestions of how you can help.

Our work is not yet finished. We have to keep the message in front of people still weighing up how they’ll vote.  If you are in a position to give, you can donate any amount, anytime:  donate now.

Donor wall of honour

Thanks to our Green, Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum supporters: Alan Grainger, Brian C. Graham, Chris Eichbaum, Chris Fowlie, David Hadorn, Durham Jones, Gwilym Waldren, Jen Stiger, John Mutu-Grigg, Josh Davidow, Katie Brown, Kevin O’Connell, Laila Harre, Phil Saxby, Robert Hull, Rose Roslyn Smith, Gwilym Waldren, Jen Stiger, Norml NZ, John Mutu-Grigg, The Hempstore, The Pineapple, Timothy Rae, Uli Ludemann, William Reid, Zeacann Ltd, Allan Webb, Chris, Chris Hepburn, Deb Fraser-Komene, Helius Therapeutics, Shane Le Brun, Tim Wood, Ross Hawkins, Peter Eastwood, Mary Woods, Matt, Nancy van der Laan, Paul Wieland.

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