Stuff: Great-grandmother battles Ministry of Health over medicinal cannabis products

An Auckland great-grandmother hopes an upcoming legal challenge will clear her and other medicinal cannabis users from being described as criminals.

Pearl Schomburg is one of many Kiwis who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law as the Ministry of Health argues with its own experts over how to classify cannabis extracts.

“It’s dreadful,” she said. “I’m aware of the law, but I cannot support a bad law that makes criminals out of sick and dying people, because it’s unjust and morally unsound.”

Schomburg suffers from chronic pain brought on by RSI and rheumatoid arthritis, which at times has left her crippled and relying on a wheelchair or walking frame.

She previously took a cocktail of drugs including morphine and codeine, which led to extra drugs to help with the side-effects from the original medications.

Her health only improved once she started using CBD products.

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