Roderick Aldridge, 80, walks streets of Hamilton to support legalising cannabis

Roderick Aldridge has never smoked or used cannabis in his life. But the 80-year-old Hamilton man will be voting “yes” to legalise cannabis in the coming referendum.

Shared via Stuff.

On Sunday, Aldridge was helping lobby group Health Not Handcuffs deliver pamphlets to Hamilton homes, from the New Zealand Drug Foundation, which supported regulations to minimise the social and health harms of cannabis.

Aldridge, a former orchardist from the Bay of Plenty, said he understood people might find it difficult to support a movement which allowed cannabis to be used legally.

“I do have a personal reason for voting yes. Someone close to me got into drugs after she had been molested.

“She died of an overdose, we don’t know if it was an accident or not. But because drug users are classified as criminals, they’re unlikely to ask for help, and she didn’t.

“What people need is help to quit their addiction and help to deal with the underlying problems, trauma which led them to get addicted in the first place.”

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