Regulated cannabis promotes controlled use

The upcoming general election is going to be interesting enough, but the two referenda make it even more so, writes Alan Emerson in the Farmers Weekly column Alternative View.

Shared via Farmers Weekly.

There’s been considerable discussion on the cannabis referendum, much of it generating more heat than light.

Consider what’s happening now.

If I go to a bottle store to buy a bottle of gin, that store is a licensed legal entity.

The owner is responsible for checking my age and sobriety.

The gin I purchase is a labelled product. What’s on the label is in the bottle.

The Government benefits from the regulation and the tax.

The same number of people in New Zealand have tried cannabis as have tried alcohol.

If I want to buy some weed, I go to the local drug dealer who may or may not be gang connected. Either way they’re indulging in an illegal activity.

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