Newshub: Medicinal cannabis users call for amnesty ahead of law change

The Government is being asked to turn a blind eye to the medicinal cannabis black market.

At present, GPs are allowed to prescribe products containing CBD but not THC. To get THC, patients have to see a specialist and get it signed off by the Ministry of Health.

A discussion document released by the Government on Wednesday outlines a proposed scheme under which GPs would be allowed to prescribe medicines with THC.
“If you want something stronger than CBD for pain or for your cancer symptoms, the right balance of CBD and THC won’t get you stoned – but it will give you benefit for pain,” GP Graham Gulbransen told The AM Show on Thursday.

He’s annoyed GPs aren’t trusted to prescribe THC products at the moment.

“If a doctor wants to prescribe anything with THC to get stronger benefits, it has to go through a specialist… GPs are specialists in the view of the Medical Council, but not in the view of the Ministry of Health.”

THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis. Dr Gulbransen says it’s a lot more effective than CBD for pain relief, even in concentrations so low there’s no way to get high off it.

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